Work in Progress of Lalon: Heart of Madness

Cultural events, Drama, Dance and Performance, Festivals, Season of Bangla Drama
Friday 20th November 2020 (14:15-15:15)
Sohaya Vision


Let’s celebrate the poetry, songs and messages of a great Bengali Baul from the nineteenth century, Lalon Shah. He stood for harmonious living against social orthodoxy and religious extremism - as relevant now as it was then.

This new drama cuts between pre-partition Bengal to contemporary Bangladesh where a woman, Luna, from Whitechapel, is visiting the Lalon Mela, a festival commemorating the legendary philosopher that is organised on the bank of river Kaliganga in Kushtia. 

What follows blows her mind…and her heart.

Written by Raminder Kaur and directed by Mukul Ahmed


About the company

Sohaya Visions celebrates internationalism and cultural diversity through cutting-edge  artistic practice. They are particularly interested in promoting South-Asian and British-Asian stories that tackle injustice and discrimination.