Numbi Arts Presents: Afkaaga Hooyo waa Dahab! Your Mother Tongue is Gold!

Black History Month, Community events, Cultural events
Saturday 24th October 2020 (19:00-21:00)
1. Numbi - Culture & Folklore

Numbi Arts Somali Culture Event

Numbi Arts is back. Join us for a family friendly live streamed feast that celebrates the Somali culture with a stella lineup of Numbi resident artists and special guests of poets, musicians, DJs and visual artists.

  • Join us throughout October on our social media channels @numbiarts as we merge the virtual and physical in true numbi cafe conversations tradition #numbicafeconvo with 'Recipes That Celebrate the Richness of Somali Cuisine'. Culminating with a Black History Month 2020 - live-streamed event!
  • We invite you to explore an evening of Multilingual celebration as we raise, centre and map in true NUMBI form. 
  • Numbi is inspired by a Somali dance; we create spaces of freedom where artists from different disciplines collaborate to create sonic-filmic-movements. Our mother tongues offer us sanctuary, communion and a sense of freedom. 

Stay forever proud of your mother tongue!

Free, suitable for all ages.

This event will be held on Numbi Social Media channels @numbiarts

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Supported by Tower Hamlets Council