Seize the Freedom

Brady, Brady Arts Centre 192-196 Hanbury Street London E1 5HU
Bangladesh at 50, Drama, Dance and Performance
Saturday 27th November 2021 (19:30-20:30)
Seize the Freedom
Message Cultural Group presents Seize the Freedom


Bangladesh independence has started. The Pakistani army has seized East Pakistan and started to kill innocent Bengalis. This was for the simple reason that they voted for Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. They demonstrated for their legal rights and the right for freedom.

The Pakistani army arrested Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and took him to West Pakistan. Across the world, communities came out to support the Bengali cause and protest against Pakistani brutality. In 1971, London had several massive demonstrations, particularly from the Sylheti community.

During that time, many south Asian immigrants worked together in factories. This play follows the story of one such factory worker, Mr Jamir Uddin who faces animosity in London from co-workers of Pakistani origin. This drives his return to Bangladesh, via India, where he joins the ranks of freedom fighters.

Mr Uddin travels from training camps to refugee camps and sees first-hand the horrendous plight faced by innocent Bengali’s. He encounters the particularly moving tale of a child called Songram, whose father is a freedom fighter, and whose mother is missing.

With victory on 16 December and the creation of the new nation, Mr Jamir Uddin never returned to the UK.

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Part of the Freedom and Independence Theatre Festival, in partnership with A Season of Bangla Drama.


About the company

 Message Cultural Group is a community cultural organisation established in 1999. They perform and deliver theatre, short dramas for YouTube, recitations, workshops, children activities and Nasheed. Message has been part of A Season of Bangla in 2018 (Cries of the earth), 2019 (Our World) and 2020 (Class). Message Cultural Group have also performed on stage across the UK.