African Spiritual Practices, then and now

Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road E1 6LA
Black History Month, Cultural events, Family and children, Film, Markets
Friday 22nd (12:00) - Saturday 23rd October 2021 (21:00)


This weekend at Rich Mix will incorporate talks, workshops and a marketplace on Altars, crystals, yoga, tarot, hermetic knowledge, magic, shamanic healing, psychedelics and more.

Activities will explore the African origins of human spirituality, its spread internationally with the movements of people out of Africa as well as the diverse spiritual and healing modalities and technologies it has spawned all over the world. 

 Whether you're an Ifa priestess, Shamanic Practitioner, Yoraba Babalawo, wondering how to create an altar, interested in metaphysics, wondering about the planets, magic and the moon. We have something here for you.

Come and discover a world of information, artefacts, tools, practices and community.