Born of Good Intentions: Black Victorian Children in a Dr Barnado's Home

Black History Month, Heritage and museums, Workshops and activities
Tuesday 5th October 2021 (19:00-20:00)
The Peters Sisters

In 1866 Dr Thomas John Barnardo set up his first ragged school. This was a free school for poor children who lived in the East End of London. However, it was soon clear to him that although the children could go to school, they had nowhere to live.

By 1870 he set up his first children's orphanage and it wasn't long before he began to take in children from very poor families. Some of the poorest children belonged to Black Victorians, and Barnardo's was the first charity to take them in. Come and hear the story of the first Black children in the UK to be placed in care and fostered.

Who were they? What happened to them? How did they come to England? Why were they here in the first place? Hear about some of the children lives.

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