Evening Session: Somali Book Launches

Oxford House Derbyshire St London E2 6HG
Black History Month, Community events, Cultural events, Libraries and literature
Friday 29th October 2021 (19:15-22:00)
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Launch of Hawaale Waran, by Hadraawi, edited by Mohamed Saleeban and a conversation with Ahmeddeey Abdi Gashaan. This evening sees the launch of the first book ever written by Hadraawi - an assessment about his thinking emphasizing the historical tradition, social changes and role of religion in Somali society. The book was edited by Mohamed Saleeban, a writer, literature critic, follower of Hadraawi literature and currently a department head at the Ministry of Education in Somaliland

Banadiiri Poetry & Culture: Waayihii iyo Waxqabadkii Ahmaddey Abdi Gaashaan

The second session of the evening is Somali writer and translator Bodhari Warsame will be in conversation with one of our living legends Laashin Ahmaddey Abdi Gaashaan about his life story and long artistic works based in the Banaadiri poetry and culture for the new release of Gashaan’s biography. This includes his most famous theatrical play "Shan iyo Tobankii Shumey". The first part of this evening will include a conversation with artistic icon Ahmed Abdi Gashaan and a book presentation and book reading.

Moderators: Ali Naji and Bodhari Warsame

Part of the 13th annual Somali Week Festival from KAYD, which runs from 26th-30th October 2021. The theme of this year is “Inspire: inspired by the past, inspiring the future” which envisages a post Covid-19 world inspired by music, literature and legends of our community.


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