Oxford House Book Launches: Parallel

Oxford House Derbyshire St London E2 6HG
Black History Month, Community events, Cultural events, Libraries and literature
Thursday 28th October 2021 (19:15-22:00)
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This evening is the main book day of Somali Week Festival, featuring book stalls, meeting the authors and the launches of the following books:

Juz ’Amma of the Holy Qur’an Somali translation

Translator: Mohamed Hersi Guleid (Abdibashir)

A translation into Somali of the first chapter of Holy Qur’an. The translator is an experienced author of many books, a clergy man, teacher, community worker, and social debate facilitator. Religious translation is a unique niche in the translation world and there is still a great deal lacking in Somali translation. Therefore, a conversation with the translator will also include a general discussion about the state of the Somali religious translations; ways, means, and challenges.

Moderator: Bodhari Warsame

Discussant: Mohamed Hersi Guleid (translator)



A Somali translation of the Skinless Goat in Somalia, by Awes Osman.

Translator: Bodhari Warsame

Moderator: Mohamed Hersi Guleid

Discussant: Bodhari Warsame (translator)

“The hero of the story, Omar, a Somali student, meets Sunita, the beautiful daughter of his professor, and the two falls in love and then their story takes an interesting turn that jeopardizes the lives of many African students in India; to the extreme of almost causing an international diplomatic crises! Awes A. Osman, went far to uncover a hidden cultural diversities in the world that could be bound together through a single love knot. The voices that show rebellion to the union of two different personalities joining under one heart is met with the will and determination of Omar and Sunita, the hero and heroine of the book that abandon everything they had just to satisfy their hearts. Awes Osman shows how religious, geographical and language barriers do not affect much when love emotion takes control. It is a journey that shows the world can be united and globalized in a high time that political and cultural differences, religious barriers make hurdles in world progress. The book can be a symbol of how can peoples of different backgrounds unite and intermarry.” - Förlag Axplock

Moderator: Mohamed Hersi Guleid

Discussant: Bodhari Warsame (translator)


Calaf iyo Cugasho

Author: Mohamoud Ibrahim Jama (Haji)

A memoire on the Somalia Civil War and the severe effects it had on the ordinary Somalis. This is true story on two young university classmates who after losing each other and everything in the war found each other in exile. 

Moderator: Bodhari Warsame



Author: Mohamed Ali Nour (Ameeriko)

The book is an autobiography of the author who served as a former Somali ambassador to Kenya.

Moderator: Bodhari Warsame and Luul Kulmie


Part of the 13th annual Somali Week Festival presented by KAYD, which runs from 26th-30th October 2021. The theme of this year is “Inspire: inspired by the past, inspiring the future” which envisages a post Covid-19 world inspired by music, literature and legends of our community.

Supported by Tower Hamlets Council