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AfroDance Xplosion Legends (Sunday Workshops)

Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road London E1 6LA
Black History Month, Drama, Dance and Performance, Pay to attend, Workshops and activities
Sunday 23rd October 2022 (11:00-17:45)

The ADX 2022 Sunday workshops:

11.00 – 12.30PM – Umfundalai Technique: Contemporary African Dance with Dr C. Kemal Nance - Umfundalai is a contemporary African dance technique that comprises its movement vocabulary from dance traditions throughout the African diaspora, including the continent of Africa as well as the Americas. On the shoulders of Katherine Dunham, Kariamu Welsh developed Umfundalai to explore the “essence” of African-informed movement and the ways in which it empowers contemporary choreography. She describes it as “ an approach to movement that is wholistic, body centric and organic.  …an open, fluid and porous technique, absorbing new ideas and directions as it evolves.”

Umfundalai is over 50 years old and is taught in major institutions throughout the US including Temple University, University of Illinois, Morgan State and Oklahoma Universities. Women are encouraged to wear lapas (fabric worn around the waist) and men are encouraged to wear shokatoes (drop-crotched pants) for Umfundalai classes and workshops.

 12.45 – 2.15PM – Jamaican Dancehall with Steve Cornwall - Welcome to Dancehall Masterclass. Let’s time travel! Dancehall was created under an umbrella with reggae, ska, and rocksteady from the 70s to the 90s, and was crucial to the way the style developed into what Dancehall is today. In class, we will acknowledge those who paved the way for dancehall, like Mr. Bogle, Beenie Man & Elephant Man and shine light on the ones bringing us forward to a new era of dancehall such as Ding Dong & LaaLee, Pata Skeng just to name a few.

Class will be in 4 sections. Starting with a warmup to find your grove, moving across and around the space to create a vibe, in center we build the energy then finally put everything together with choreography that fuses every era of Dancehall.

 2.30 – 4.30PM – Traditional African Dance from the Ivory Coast with Georges Momboye - The traditional African Dance workshop from the Ivory Coast will include learning several of the traditional rhythms from the rich culture of the Ivory Coast. Come enjoy this traditional class with one of the maestros of African Dance in West Africa.  This workshop will be accompanied with live music.

 4.45  – 5.45PM – Panel Discussion - The Panel and closing will include a line up of teachers/ choreographers and a chance for the participants to discuss and ask questions about the festival.  There will also be closing pictures.  The panel and discussion is open to all attendees of the festival.

You can also book for a Weekend Workshop Pass to include all 6 workshops!