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AfroDance Xplosion Legends (Workshops)

Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road London E1 6LA
Black History Month, Drama, Dance and Performance, Pay to attend, Workshops and activities
Saturday 22nd October 2022 (11:14-16:30)

The ADX 2022 Saturday workshops:

11 – 12.30PM – Contemporary African Dance from the Ivory Coast with Georges Momboy - The Afro-contemporary style covers a very diverse reality, since this dance leaves room for creativity and multiple influences. Georges Momboye‘s technique explores dance through traditional African movements.

 12.45 – 2.15PM – Afro House with Danzel Thompson-Stout - Soulfulness, percussive compositions, and a profoundly touching emotional intensity characterises Afrohouse.  Come vibe with us! Danzel Thompson-Stout, a native of Allentown, PA is a performer, choreographer, and educator of Afro-American dance forms.

2.30 – 4.30PM – Afro Caribbean Dance with Caroline Muraldo and Steve Cornwall - This class will be an eye-opening exploration of the traditional Jamaican dance forms from which dancehall grew and developed, paying tribute to what came before.

All these classes are appropriate for dancers with a minimum of 6 months of dance training. Dancers must be a minimum of 16 years old.

The is part of a weekend comprising 6 worshops in total.  You can find details here and either book for one day or two.