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Celebrating Black History Month with Tower Hamlets' Carers

21 Bayford Square Commercial Road E1 0SG, The Carers Centre
Black History Month, Drama, Dance and Performance, Free to attend, Workshops and activities
Wednesday 26th October 2022 (13:30-14:30)

This is an African ART of Dance Workshop, designed to give a bit of respite to the Carers.

“Unpaid Carers” look after family members, partners and/or friends who need help due to illness, frailty, disability, mental health problem or addiction, most of whom cannot cope without their Carer’s support.

Participants will learn different dance routines, movements and the history associated with each dance. This is a fun filled, exciting and lively dance workshop to celebrate this year’s “Black History Month” through dance, African history and awareness. It will energise, enlighten and will be a spur and kick-start for isolated Carers and those who have retreated into their home, are lonely and/or lack the confidence to socialise.

The project will be delivered by ADANTA, an award winning African Culture and Dance Troupe. They are dedicated to the preservation, education and appreciation of traditional African dance, music, theatre, and culture.

There are four (4) full sessions that take place every Wednesday in October. The last workshop (on 26th October) will be used by the Participants to show Tower Hamlets’ community the dance routines and drumming they learnt. This is a wonderful way to bring our community together.

This has been organised by Minority Financial Inclusion, with support from Tower Hamlets Council.