Changes to recycling sack and starch liner distribution

The council is currently reviewing the provision and distribution of their recycling sacks and starch liners.

Whilst the review is taking place there will be changes to the way the service distributes bags to residents.

Residents can now choose to either continue using the council provided pink sacks or to put their recyclables into their own clear, transparent bags instead.

Residents living in high rise properties can also put loose recyclables directly in the communal recycling bins.

For those high rise residents who wish to continue using pink bags, they can be collected from Idea Stores at specific slots throughout the month. You will be required to provide proof of address when collecting sacks and liners. View the schedule for bag collections.

Residents living in street level and low-rise properties will have their supply of recycling sacks delivered over the coming weeks.

All households that participate in food waste recycling will need to collect their starch liners from Idea Stores.

If you run out of starch liners you can use newspaper in the caddies as an alternative.

During the festive period we are encouraging residents to think about how much rubbish they put in the bin and to look at ways of minimising waste. Simple tips include:

  • take reusable bags and containers when shopping, traveling, or packing lunches or leftovers
  • choose products that are returnable, reusable, or refillable over single-use items
  • avoid individually wrapped items, snack packs, and single-serve containers
  • be aware of double-packaging - some "bulk packages" are just individually wrapped items packaged yet again and sold as a bulk item.
  • compost food scraps and yard waste
  • buy items made of recycled content, and use and reuse them as much as you can. For instance, use both sides of every page of a notebook before moving on to the next clean notebook.  

To find out how to recycle the right way, visit the Tower Hamlets website at

Posted on Friday 23rd December 2016