Bank Holiday service changes

Some of our services will change slightly over the bank holiday weekend. You can find out about the changes to waste and recycling collections and parking enforcement below.

Waste and recycling collections

Over the bank holiday period, there will be changes to your normal collection arrangements*. Your waste, recycling and food and garden waste collections will be affected. Please see the table below for changes to collections.

Please ensure your waste and recycling (including food and garden waste) is available for collection before 7am. Normal services resume from 24 April.

 Friday 14 April (Good Friday)  Normal working arrangements
 Monday 17 April  No collections
 Tuesday 18 April  Monday collections
 Wednesday 19 April  Tuesday collections
 Thursday 20 April  Wednesday collections
 Friday 21 April  Thursday collections
 Saturday 22 April  Friday collections

*Special collections will only take place Tuesday-Friday.

Please ensure your waste and recycling (including food and garden waste) is available for collection before 7am on your scheduled collection day.

For more information on waste and recycling collections, please visit our recycling and waste pages.


Bank Holiday parking enforcement information

Friday 14 April: No enforcement in pay and display, permit and residents bays

Saturday 15 April: Normal enforcement

Sunday 16 April: Normal enforcement

Monday 17 April: No enforcement in pay and display, permit and residents bays

Tuesday 18 April: normal Enforcement

Please do not park in any of the following places:

  • On double yellow lines
  • where a loading ban is in force (shown by yellow kerb dashes)
  • where there are double white lines in the centre of the road (even if one of the lines is a broken line)
  • in cycle lanes
  • on any pedestrian crossing areas
  • on footways or pavements
  • next to a dropped footway or on a raised carriageway where pedestrians or vehicles need access to the road
  • in a bay marked for other types of vehicles, such as ambulances or taxis
  • in a loading bay
  • in a business bay
  • in personalised disabled bays
  • on school “keep clear” markings
  • on a bay or area where parking has been suspended e.g. with yellow signs.

Please also avoid the following:

  • any place that might cause an obstruction or hold up traffic
  • parking in a place that might block access for others.

For more information on parking and enforcement, please visit our parking pages.


Posted on Wednesday 12th April 2017