Tower Hamlets: a great place to live where people get on well together

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Tower Hamlets is a great place to live where people get on well, according to the people who live here.

The views come from an independent Residents Survey which Tower Hamlets Council commissions every year to measure people’s views of the borough and council services.

This year, 83% of residents said they were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the area as a place to live, and 80% said the Council is making the area a better place to live.

In addition, 92% of residents felt their local area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together – up 5% compared to last year.

Almost eight out of ten residents(79%) said they trusted their council and 72% said they were very or fairly satisfied with it - a rise of 7% since 2015. Over two thirds of residents, (68%) agreed that the council listens to local people’s concerns, up 11 per cent on 2016.

The three biggest concerns for residents were the lack of affordable housing (34%), crime (31%) and the level of air pollution (20%). This is a change from last year (2016) when the three biggest concerns were crime (39%), lack of   affordable housing (32%) and litter (30%).

Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs said: “We have a lot to be proud of in Tower Hamlets and the Residents Survey supports that. We are a place of opportunity that is at the heart of the UK economy and boasts some of London’s biggest attractions.

“But it is our diverse communities that are our biggest asset. The fact that nine out of 10 people say people get on well together emphasises just how close a community we are, and it is what makes our borough truly special.

“I am pleased that people are feeling the benefits of the improvements we have made to the council. There is still lots more work to do.

“We are tackling their concerns head-on by investing in new affordable homes, new police officers and measures to reduce air pollution.”

Last year (15/16), 1,073 affordable homes were built in Tower Hamlets. Mayor John Biggs is committed to building a further 1,000 council homes.

Last week we announced that it would be paying for an additional 14 police officers to patrol its housing estates. These are on top of 6 police officers we have already funded.

We are also currently working on an Air Quality Action Plan to help reduce pollution including electronic car charging points, engaging with businesses and schools to help reduce their air pollution impact, and making buildings more environmentally friendly including at the Council’s new Civic Centre in Whitechapel which opens in 2022. 

View the whole residents’ survey results.

Posted on Tuesday 15th August 2017