Renters charter meeting December 11 East London Mosque

renters charter
The Maryam Centre at Whitechapel’s East London Mosque is the next venue to host a public meeting and advice service to promote the rights of private renters in Tower Hamlets. 

The meeting takes place on Monday December 11 between 5.30-7.00pm at the Maryam Centre on 45 Fieldgate Street, E1 1DU, which is the street behind the main entrance to the Mosque on Whitechapel Road.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs and Councillor Sirajul Islam, Statutory Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Housing will speak at the meeting.  Council staff will also be available to provide information and answer questions.

Tower Hamlets Council worked with key housing and community partners to launch the Tower Hamlets Private Renters’ Charter earlier this year.  

The key message within the Charter is that every private renter has the right to live in a safe and secure home, and to be treated fairly by their landlord or agent. 

The Charter was established to ensure that private renters are fully aware of their legal rights and how to get help enforcing those rights where landlords fail to meet basic standards.  

As part of the launch a specially designed and easy to read guide was produced to explain they key rights people have.  This is available in a range of languages and alongside lots of other helpful information on the Council’s website

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs said:

“More of our residents are living in the private rented sector in Tower Hamlets, often with multiple people living in one household.

“There are some landlords who abuse the system, and the message to them is clear, if you break the rules we will come for you.

“As Mayor I am committed to drive up standards in the private rented sector and launched the Private Renters Charter to ensure a fair deal for renters.’’

Councillor Sirajul Islam, Statutory Deputy Mayor and Tower Hamlets Cabinet Member for Housing said:

“Access to good quality housing is one of the highest concerns for local people, and it’s a priority that the Council shares.  We already know that the cost of housing in our borough is high and we have a very large and growing population.  The pressures that these facts place on private housing can never be an excuse for agents and landlords to avoid their legal responsibilities, or fail to treat their tenants with curtesy and respect. 

“Since the launch of the Charter it’s been great to see so many local and national partners, including landlord industry bodies, share our commitment to making sure private renters are protected and know their rights.”   

Nozmul Hussain, CEO East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre said:

“We welcome the opportunity to work with the Council and make sure that people in our community receive the support and guidance they need to know about their rights as tenants.

“As more people than ever are living in private rented accommodation, issues around safety and what renters should expect their landlords to be responsible for are more important than ever.”  


Posted on Monday 11th December 2017