New regulations for businesses who sell smokeless tobacco

Tobacco packets

Businesses who sell smokeless tobacco without health warnings on the packaging face being prosecuted by Environmental Health and the Trading Standards Service as new laws are implemented. Any business which sells tobacco which does not have health warnings risks having their products seized by the council, with the added risk of being prosecuted and the products seized and destroyed.

In June the council has written to all businesses which sell smokeless tobacco advising them about the new Tobacco & Related Products Regulation 2016 law, requiring traders to sell tobacco with health warnings such as ‘this tobacco product damages your health and is addictive.’

Mayor John Biggs said: “Supplying illegal and unlabelled tobacco is not only against the law, it can pose a major health risk to those who use it. We are committed to reducing smoking in Tower Hamlets and giving residents the support and information they need to make healthier choices. Tackling the supply of illegal tobacco is just one part of this.”

Earlier this month, officers from the council and the HMRC seized a significant quantity of smokeless tobacco, such as Paan Masala, Zarda, Gutkha and Betel Quid associated with chewing tobacco, including 25,750 cigarettes and 4710g of hand rolled tobacco with a street value of £16,000.

Posted on Thursday 6th July 2017