Statement on Tower Hamlets Youth Sports Foundation

Mayor John Biggs (l)

Tower Hamlets Youth Sports Foundation

The Tower Hamlets Youth Sports Foundation (THYSF) has always been funded by the schools they provide services to. With school budgets being squeezed by Government cuts many schools have chosen to withdraw their funding leaving the THYSF in a difficult financial position. To be clear, the council has not, nor were we planning to withdraw any funding for THYSF.

Finding solutions

Over the past year we have worked with THYSF to support them financially whilst they tried to develop a sustainable business plan but given their financial problems this has not proved to be possible. I know THYSF would like to see us take them over entirely but with the council facing a further £58m of cuts, we just do not have the money to do so without cutting other services.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs' pledge

John Biggs said:

“I am committed to ensuring all our young people have a wide range of sporting opportunities available to them and we will do all we can to fill any gaps left should THYSF close. That includes ensuring that our borough continues to compete in the School Games and London Youth Games.”

Posted on Friday 28th July 2017