Quit Tobacco for Ramadan and for life

Signing up to the stop smoking service

Help is at hand in the run up to Ramadan for Muslims to receive support in quitting tobacco before the holy month begins.

Ramadan is one of the most important events of the Islamic calendar as it is a time for fasting, praying, forgiveness and purification. It is seen as a time to start positive habits, making it an ideal time to stop tobacco.

The ‘Quit Tobacco Before Ramadan’ campaign launched on Friday April 28, four weeks in advance of Ramadan – commencing May 26/27 – to ensure there is sufficient time to prevent nicotine cravings during the fast.

Dr Somen Banerjee, director of public health at Tower Hamlets Council said:  “As Ramadan is a time for abstaining from addictive substances, quitting before the holy month begins is a great way to kick start your health and benefit from reducing your risk of lung cancer, heart disease and stroke.

“Local stop smoking advisers are always available but they will be even more accessible over the next month to offer advice on the free services and quitting options.”

Smokeless tobacco (chewing tobacco like ‘sada’ and ‘zarda’) is widely used in the South Asian community with Betel nut and paan leaf. Tower Hamlets has one of the highest rates of smokeless tobacco use as well as other products like shisha.

Although Tower Hamlets has some of the highest levels of smoking and smokeless tobacco use in London, smoking rates continue to decline.

Since April 2015, local stop smoking services have helped over 2,236 people quit tobacco.

The Quit Tobacco Before Ramadan campaign is delivered in partnership with stop smoking advisers, Imams, health trainers, health professionals and the Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Stop Tobacco Project.

For support on stopping smoking or using chewing tobacco, drop by one of the following locations for expert advice:




 Every Wednesday

 1.30pm   - 2.30pm

 Brick Lane Mosque, 59 Brick Lane E1 6QL

 Every Thursday

 1pm - 3pm

 East London Mosque, 46 Whitechapel Road, E1 1JX

 First and last Tuesday of the month (April-June)

 12:30   - 2:30pm

 Darul Ummah Mosque, 56 Bigland Street, E1 2ND

 First and last Friday of each month (April-June)

 12:30pm   - 2:30pm

 Ford Square Mosque, 16 Ford Square E1 2HS

If you have long term condition (i,e  diabetes, high blood pressure heart condition) and are taking medication please talk to your local pharmacist, practice nurse or GP who will be able to advise you on your medication during Ramadan.

You can drop in to your pharmacist or GP for advice and support on stopping smoking at any time.

To speak to a male or female member of the BME Stop Tobacco Project in English or Bengali, call 020 7882 8669 (women) or 020 7882 8660 (men.)

For information on stop smoking services visit: www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/stopsmoking

Posted on Thursday 11th May 2017