A season of Bangla Drama

a season of bangla drama

We are supporting twelve theatrical productions across six venues in a unique celebration of diversity and culture in a season of bangla drama featuring traditional and contemporary performances of physical theatre, dance and music. 

The performances will include both modern and traditional themes performed in English and Bengali language with music and expression used to fill any linguistic gaps.

The range of subjects covered includes life in 21st Century London, the abuse of absolute power, migration, and the Partition of India, and themes of justice, retribution, gender equality, mortality and vulnerability are explored.

The productions are supplemented by a fringe programme of talks, walks   and exhibitions with further opportunities for audience participation. As well as being great for audiences, A Season of Bangla Drama is also a   great platform for writers, actors, directors and producers to develop their craft.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs said: “This season of Bangla drama is inspired by the Bangladeshi community but speaks to everyone.   This is a fantastic season of drama and part of the rich culture of our Borough.   Please visit the council website and back our bid to be London borough of   culture so that we can support and celebrate more arts projects in our   Borough.”

Cllr Abdul Mukit, Cabinet Member for Culture added: the festival shows the very best of our local Bangladeshi community, the diverse range of activity is not to be missed!

You can download the full brochure giving details of all the performances.

Posted on Wednesday 8th November 2017