Mayor's apprenticeship programme


Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs launches his apprenticeship commitment this week with an ambitious pledge to help broker 1,000 apprenticeships across Tower Hamlets, the City of London and the wider East London area.

He will launch the Mayor’s apprenticeship programme at the Town Hall Hotel in East London on November 8 attended by over 150 businesses. The event supports a key Mayoral priority of creating opportunity, supporting aspiration and tackling poverty through developing routes into work.

It builds on the success of WorkPath, the Council’s partnership employment programme that since its launch in April has already delivered over 350 people into work including the delivery of over 100 apprentices.

Tower Hamlets has seen some of the fastest population growth in the country. It remains a relatively young borough with almost half the recent population rise concentrated in the 25-39 age range. The Council is committed to supporting young people to realise their potential.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs said: “Creating greater prosperity is one of my main priorities as Mayor. We have record employment (72%) levels in the Borough. But it’s crucial that local residents, especially the young get the benefits of growth. Apprenticeships are a key commitment. I’ve seen myself real opportunity in building and many other trades. Residents have for too long been left behind by the growth and I’m determined that I’ll deliver 1,000 apprenticeship opportunities in the next years. It’s brilliant to see so many businesses working with us via Workpath to deliver that aim.”

Cllr Joshua Peck, Tower Hamlets cabinet member for Work and Economic Growth said: “The economic growth in Tower Hamlets is enormous and provides great potential and opportunity. But we need to ensure that the young people of the borough who are too often left behind get the benefits of this growth. Apprenticeships are a key driver of that opportunity and the Council through WorkPath can be a real partner with business in delivering real opportunity for our young people.”

There is a focus on reducing the number of young people who are not in education employment or training (“NEETs”). This project will deliver 1,000 new apprenticeships through the Mayor’s Apprenticeships Programme and other currently funded activities. It builds on the Growth & Economic Development Service’s successful delivery of the Apprenticeship programme and the creation of 800 new apprenticeships over the last 3 years.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets works with the Skills Team Ltd, who will be leading on this program. Skills Team Ltd are a specialist training company with a passion for supporting businesses to reach their potential through inward investment of people. As an approved apprenticeship provider they are also experienced in working with businesses of all sizes to set up apprenticeships and offer support and expertise. Skills Team will:

  • Build on our relationships with local employers to secure vacancies and placement opportunities on site for trainees and qualified residents
  • Offer information, advice and guidance for employers to utilise the apprenticeship levy and access candidates to fill vacancies
  • Support employers to identify appropriate apprenticeship providers, standards and learning pathways for their apprentice recruits
  • Engage eligible candidates and promote the new apprenticeship opportunities
  • Promote apprenticeships as a career opportunity to residents, especially young people and NEET candidates.

WorkPath is a partnership employment programme with the bold ambition to give every resident the targeted support and skills to find a good job. WorkPath harnesses the huge economic activity in East London, and ensure that every resident can find their own path into sustainable employment.
In the first year alone WorkPath will support 1,000 hardest to reach residents with multiple employment barriers into work.
It will also support an additional 4,000 residents to make significant steps towards a long term job, through a range of courses to increase their skill and qualifications.

  • WorkPath has placed 100 apprenticeships since its launch in April 2017
  • This builds on over 800 apprenticeships that have been created by the Council via its Growth & Economic Development Service over the last three years
  • Tower Hamlets WorkPath service supports residents of the borough into sustainable employment through a range of measures, it offers sector specific training opportunities to train and upskills residents in preparation for employment
  • Tower Hamlets council has commissioned Skills Team, a specialist training company with a passion for helping businesses to maximise potential through investment in people. They are tasked with helping deliver the 1000 apprenticeship opportunities. All the apprenticeship vacancies will be advertised at

For more information about the WorkPath, please visit:

Posted on Tuesday 14th November 2017