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Whistleblowing policy and process

Tower Hamlets Council’s whistleblowing policy is designed to enable anyone to raise concerns at a high level and to disclose information which they believe shows malpractice, impropriety, criminal activity, or dangers to health and safety.  The whistleblowing policy is intended to cover concerns which are in the public interest and may at least initially be investigated separately but might then lead to the instigation of other procedures e.g. disciplinary.

Whilst the term “whistleblowing” applies to an individual who works in or for an organisation, the council considers that this mechanism should also be used when members of the public wish to raise public interest concerns and which are not appropriate for consideration under another council procedure.

Our whistleblowing policy aims to: 

  • encourage you to feel confident in raising serious concerns and to question and act upon such concerns;
  • provide avenues for you to raise those concerns and to receive feedback on any action taken;
  • ensure that you receive a response to your concerns and that you are aware of how to pursue them if they are not satisfied;
  • reassure you that, as a “whistleblower”, you will be protected from possible reprisals or victimisation if you have a reasonable belief that you have raised any concerns in good faith.

Read our full whistleblowing policy and find out how a complaint is dealt with.

If you are concerned that this organisation or an individual (officer or elected member) might be acting illegally, unethically or putting people at risk of harm or injury tell us by completing the form.

  • Report a concern: Blow the whistle
    Your identity will be kept confidential so long as it does not hinder or frustrate any investigation. We will always ask you for consent if we need to disclose your identity. Anonymous concerns will not be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances where it is decided that the concern raises a serious issue affecting the public interest and which is capable of investigation without the need to ascertain your identity.
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