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How can I pay?

At present we do not have online or internet banking payment facilities available for the Registration Service fees. We are hoping to introduce online payments in the not too distant future.

All payments must be made in person at the Register Office. Please be aware that we are a cashless office, and only accept card payments.

How can I get a copy of one of my official certificates?

Please visit the copy of certificates page.

What happens if I'm late for a booked appointment?

Because of the high volume of people we need to see, if you're late for an appointment, you will need to rebook – we are a cashless office, we accept card payments only.

Getting married

How much does it cost to get married at a register office?

Getting married at the Register Office costs between £60 and £700 depending on what day of the week you're think of and how many people you're planning to invite. There's a simple breakdown here

What do I need to do if I want to get married abroad?

This will depend on a number of factors, including where you plan to get married, what nationality you hold and so on. There's a useful resource provided by that can help you work out what you need to do.

If I get married abroad, do I need to register this marriage in the UK?

No, if you have married according to the law of a foreign country it is not possible to register your marriage in the United Kingdom.

Where do I give notice of marriage?

British, EEA and Swiss nationals can only give notice in their district of residence. If you live in different places you will each need to go individually to your local register office. 

If either of you are non-EEA nationals, you must give notice together at a designated register office. Tower Hamlets is a designated register office. 
Please note, a non-EEA national with Right of Abode, Diplomatic or Military Exemption visas, you must give notice at the local register office in your district of residence.

We had to submit authorities for marriage. How will we know when they have been issued?

Unless you hear from us, your authorities for marriage will be issued on the 29 day following your notice appointment. They will be kept with the registration service ready for your ceremony.

Do we have to have witnesses?

Yes, you need to have two witnesses for a legal marriage or civil partnership ceremony.

Who can be a witness?

Your witnesses can be anyone you like - friends, family or even complete strangers that you have just met and invited to witness your ceremony. The only requirement is that witnesses must be fluent in English.

The only exception is registration service staff, who are not permitted to act as witnesses.

Can we personalise our ceremony?

We understand the desire to make your ceremony personal and want to help you achieve your perfect day. However, there are still some legal requirements we have to stick to. Your registrar will be happy to discuss personalising your ceremony with you once you’re booked in.

New babies

What information and documents do I need to provide to register a birth?

There's a full list covering all circumstances here.

If we're not married, does the baby's father have to be with me to register the birth?

If baby's natural parents are not married to one another at the time of the baby's birth and baby's mother want's baby's father's particulars to be entered into the register, both parents need to attend to register the birth.