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Funeral arrangements

Arrange a civil funeral

If you would like to arrange for a registrar to conduct a funeral with no religious associations, we can assist.

A civil funeral is a personal and dignified tribute, created by a professional celebrant who works closely with the family and funeral director. The ceremony will recount the person’s experiences, attributes and qualities as you wish, through music, poetry, reading and personal anecdotes.

Civil funerals can be held anywhere except religious buildings and can be held for both cremations and non-religious burials. For more/to arrange and fees, just email us at register.office@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

Tower Hamlets multi-faith burial ground

To help with the preparations and financial costs of burial, we have the Tower Hamlets Multi-Faith Burial Ground at Kemnal Park Cemetery and Memorial Gardens, which is exclusively for residents of the borough.

The experienced and friendly team at Kemnal Park is trained to serve families from all cultures, customs and practices and are committed to ensuring you are treated with respect and listened to.

There is also a dedicated area for Muslim residents, which is maintained to Sunnah methods and can perform timely, complaint Islamic burials. Families wishing to have the Janazah salah performed at the ground can appoint someone of their own to lead, or opt for the onsite Alim. Prayer and ablution facilities are also available onsite.

To be eligible, the deceased must have been living in the borough at the time of their death and you must be able to provide one document, in their name, from each of the following lists

Proof of identification

  • Valid driving licence
  • Passport

Proof of address

  • Tenancy agreement
  • Medical card
  • Mortgage details
  • Banks statement (dated last 3 months)
  • Utility bill (dated last 3 months)

The ground is roughly a 20 minute drive from the borough and plots cost £730 for Tower Hamlets residents with a lease length of 125 years. For more details, please contact us on register.office@towerhamlets.gov.uk