Marriage/civil partnership register searches

When a marriage/civil partnership is registered, it is entered into a register. Once all the entries in a register are full, it is archived. Any searches of a marriage/civil partnership entry relating to family history, is known as a historical search.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • The names of the parties to whom the marriage/civil partnership certificate relates
  • The date of the marriage/civil partnership.  If the exact date is not known, then at least the year and quarter of that year 
  • The district in which the marriage/civil partnership took place (we only hold records relating to the district of Tower Hamlets)
  • In the case of a civil partnership certificate, the address of the parties at the time of the civil partnership 
  • Any other relevant information that may help locate the certificate


Applying in person

£20 -Priority same day service
£12 - Post to customer next working day service (1st class post)
£10 - Collect after three working days
£12 - Postal applications

Cheques are acceptable over the counter on production of a Cheque Guarantee Card.

Applying by phone or by post

If you wish to apply by phone, we will take your debit/credit card details. All applications over the telephone are treated as priority applications and will cost £20 per certificate. If you wish to apply by post, you may send a cheque or postal order for £12. We aim to process postal applications the day we receive them, however please allow ten working days for the office to search for, issue and send certificates to you.

Overseas applicants

Overseas applicants need to send their payment by cash in UK pounds sterling by registered post if possible, or send a cheque drawn up in pounds sterling.

A certificate cannot be issued until payment has been received. Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Contact us

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Tel: 020 7364 7880/7884
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