Important customer notice

Regretfully, we are currently unable to provide the European Passport Return Service (EPRS). For details of offices which may be able to assist you, please visit the website.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Nationality Checking Service Terms and Conditions

The Nationality Checking Service constitutes the Nationality Checking Service, the Joint Citizenship & Passport Checking Service, the European Passport Return Service, group citizenship ceremonies and private citizenship ceremonies.

‘Appointments’ refers to any appointment within the Nationality Checking Service.

Unless the applicant is otherwise informed by the Nationality Checking Service; all appointments are held at the Register Office, Bromley Public Hall, Bow Road, London E3 3AA.

Appointment fees

All fees are payable at the time of booking. Fees paid are valid for one year from the date you pay.

Provided that the fee is valid:

  • you are only able to claim a refund for half the fee paid
  • refunds will only be issued if you give notice of at least two working days (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays) that you will not be able to attend your appointment. 

The same notice period of two working days is required if you wish to re-book your appointment at no further charge.

If you are using the European Passport Return Service, you can reschedule your appointment provided that you give notice of two working days.  As per Home Office requirements, your appointment with us must take place within ten working days of you submitting your online application to the Home Office.

Refunds will not be given if you:

  • give less than two working days' notice for a cancellation
  • are late or fail to attend your appointment
  • your appointment is terminated by the Nationality Checking Service
  • are advised by the Home Office / Passport office that your application is unsuccessful
  • are using the European Passport Return Service

Card payments

We only accept card payments.

If the applicant is not the cardholder, then they must have the permission of the cardholder before paying the fee.

An appointment is secured upon payment.

If the applicant is unable to pay the fee at the time of booking, an appointment will not be booked. 

Appointments are confirmed by email once a payment has been received.

Refunds will only be issued to the cardholder upon their request and on the condition that the notice period has been met and the fee is still valid.

The applicant

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that:

  • the application(s) are up to date and complete.  Incomplete and out of date application(s) will not be checked
  • they have read and understood the guidance notes from the Home Office and the Passport Office before they book an appointment
  • they are satisfied that they have met the Home Office requirements as stipulated in the Booklet and Guide AN and/or Booklet and Guide MN1 and/or EEA (PR) and/or EEA (QP). The applicant is responsible for supplying original and the correct documents at the appointment. 

The passport application fee is non-refundable even where the application for citizenship is refused.

Once at your appointment, if a Nationality Checking Service officer is not satisfied that you have met the Home Office requirements or if you produce insufficient or incorrect documentation or if your application form(s) are incomplete or out of date, then the appointment will be terminated. 

You will not receive a refund if your appointment is terminated.

Further to a termination of an appointment, the applicant will need to pay another fee to book a new appointment.

The Nationality Checking Service reserves the right to exercise discretion in exceptional circumstances.