Assessment criteria


The assessment criteria are split into two sections, organisational criteria which relate to your organisation, its governance and management, and project criteria which relate to the activities you are seeking funding for. The downloadable document below sets out the criteria, summarises the evidence we are looking for, whether the assessment will be based on documents you submit or specific questions on the Local Community Fund forms, and states what percentage of the score for each section is allocated to each of the criteria.

The organisational criteria are assessed first. If you do not score at least 50% and pass the essential pass/fail questions, none of your projects will go forward to the next stage of assessment.

Organisational criteria

All bids must meet the basic organisational criteria set out below at a level which is appropriate to their size. You must be able to show that you have thought about all of the criteria and have something in place which is reasonable for your size and income.

For the purposes of the organisational criteria we are defining size by annual income (by which we normally mean as set out in your last approved accounts), as follows:

  • Large: over £250,000
  • Medium: over £25,000 up to and including £250,000
  • Small: up to and including £25,000

New organisations should use their anticipated annual income, including the total LCF applied for.

Some organisational criteria are scored ‘Pass/Fail’.  Those in bold are essential and your projects will not go forward if the assessment is ‘Fail’ on ‘Governance’, ‘Financial Management and Viability’ or ‘Equalities and Diversity’.

Some organisational criteria are scored with the maximum number of available marks indicated in the ‘Max Score’ column. The total is 80 overall. Your assessment needs to score more than 40/80 for your bids to go forward to the second stage to assessment.

If you fail in the organisational criteria assessment on ‘Managing People’, ‘Safeguarding’ or ‘Insurance’ your bid may still be assessed. However, if your organisation is offered funding it will have to reach the pass standard on all three before any funding contracts can be signed.

Project criteria

This section sets out the criteria we will use to assess your project proposals.  We will assess your project proposals proportionate to the size of your organisation. If you are a small organisation, you will not have to provide as much evidence as larger organisations, but you must be able to show that you understand, and are working towards meeting, each of the criteria.

The council will not consider funding any project which scores less than half the available score in any section.

Some funding schemes have specific requirements such as advice quality standards, registration with a regulatory body and food hygiene standards.  Evidence of these must be submitted with project forms.  The council will not fund activities which require these if organisations do not provide evidence.

Download the full assessment criteria (.docx)