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Local Community Fund (LCF) 2019-23

This funding programme is now closed. Decisions will be announced in July.

Please see our Community Grants page for more information about other sources of funding, including LBTH Small Grants.

The council’s Local Community fund is now open for bids.

Introduction and background to the LCF (applications closed)

The VCS Strategy 2016-19 set out the council’s commitment to working towards achieving, “an independent and sustainable voluntary and community sector, working closely with the council and partners to meet the needs of local people wherever they live in the borough”.

The Local Community Fund (LCF) has been developed working closely with voluntary and community sector organisations and other stakeholders to reflect this vision and support the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Tower Hamlets to meet complex needs through flexible and responsive services for local residents. These services and activities will contribute towards achieving the outcomes for local residents set out in the Tower Hamlets Plan and the council's Strategic Plan 2018-2021.

The LCF will adopt an outcomes based approach, encouraging organisations to build on local knowledge, skills and expertise and to use their flexibility to undertake the activities which have the most impact. The new programme will stimulate greater and more effective support in tackling local issues. It encourages organisations to use the principles of co-design to ensure their services are targeted effectively. This means working together with the people who use their services and with other service providers to respond to change to review and develop their outcomes and the services they will provide over the three and a half years of the programme.

This prospectus sets out the programme in detail. The funding programme has five themes. There are links to the details of each theme below. The priorities within each theme have been grouped into funding schemes which VCS organisations are invited to bid to. 

The process will be transparent and fair. The prospectus gives general guidance for bidding.  Some funding schemes include specific guidance relevant to their service areas. The criteria and assessment scheme is also included to give organisations a clear idea of what they need to include in their bids and the relative weighting of questions in the assessment process.

All of the details about the LCF can be found either by clicking the links to the summary pages or downloading the documents below. Information is also on the Tower Hamlets Council for Voluntary Service (THCVS) website.

The final submission deadline was midday on Friday 17 May, 2019.  If you have any queries, please contact the VCS team at vcs@towerhamlets.gov.uk.