How to submit your bid

The bidding process is split into two parts on separate forms:

  1. The LCF organisation assessment form which relates to the governance and management of your organisation;
  2. The LCF project assessment form which covers the activities you are seeking funding for.  There is a form for each theme in the programme.

a)    Theme 1 - inclusion, health and wellbeing

b)    Theme 2 - digital inclusion

c)    Theme 3 - advice and information

d)    Theme 4 - employment and skills

e)    Theme 5 - community safety


The document ‘Assessment Criteria’ sets out the funding criteria, summarises the evidence we are looking for, states whether the assessment will be based on documents you submit or specific questions on the LCF bid forms, and shows what percentage of the score for each section is allocated to each of the criteria. You are strongly recommended to read this alongside the forms to ensure to include all the information and evidence we are looking for.

We will assess your organisation before looking at the projects you submit. If you do not score at least 50% on the organisational assessment and pass the essential pass/fail questions, none of your projects will go forward to the next stage of assessment.

You should complete the organisation assessment form only once regardless of the number of projects you submit. This will save you time as you will only have upload one set of governance documents, policies and procedures, accounts etc. If several people in your organisation are involved in submitting proposals, please make sure you are co-ordinated and only one organisation form is submitted.

We have produced detailed guidance notes which you should read alongside the forms when you are completing them.

The project assessment form asks you to complete a proforma budget (Excel template).

We are providing training on how to complete the forms. This is in addition to the training programme which THCVS is providing. You can find details of the THCVS programme and book a place at one of the sessions at and click on ’Local Community Fund’.