Theme 3 Advice and Information

This theme has only one funding scheme which is summarised below.

Scheme 3A:  advice and information


  1. Social Welfare Advice and Information.

In this priority we are looking to fund VCS advice and information providers to provide a range of generalist and specialist social welfare and advice services across the borough to meet the outcomes set out in the detailed funding scheme attached below through the provision of integrated, coordinated, accessible services that meet the needs and demands of local people for legal advice on welfare benefits, housing, debt, employment rights, immigration issues and other social welfare issues.

Within this priority we are also seeking to support specific project work to provide training and capacity building services to improve service integration, volunteer training, promotion of best practice and coordination with public sector providers through forums and networking.

Partnership applications are encouraged in this scheme as we move to a more integrated advice service offer to local residents across all agencies in the public and voluntary sectors. Partnership approaches that maximise the use of resources and the integration of generalist and specialist advice provision through effective triage and referral are particularly welcome. 

Partnership arrangements may also include cooperation and/or co-location with other community based services.  

The added value of partnership arrangements in the advice and information sector will be acknowledged in the assessment process. 

Download the complete information on the advice and information theme (.docx)