Keep informed

Get up-to-date information, fact sheets and briefings on the changes and the support on the welfare reforms webpage.

Make sure that your clients know what benefits they are entitled to, how they will be affected and where to get help. There are lots of services available in Tower Hamlets, helping with benefit checks, housing advice, employment and childcare, support for disabled people and support with issues such as debt, money management, mental health and domestic violence. For many residents, the best way they can increase their income is to move into employment or self-employment or to increase their working hours.

For specific questions around benefits, contact the local DWP on 0845 377 6001 or email:

Key websites

Turn2Us:includes a timetable, a guide to Universal Credit, a benefits calculator and more

Citizens Advice Bureau: advice guides and information on money problems, benefits, housing issues and more

Money Advice Service: information on a wide range of subjects around managing finances

National Debt Line: information on dealing with debts

Money A+E: Information regarding services to contact around finances and benefits

Direct Gov: Government resource on benefits, taxes, managing debt and money and more


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