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New Tower Hamlets residents booklet on welfare reforms

An updated version of the resident’s booklet is available on the public-facing Tower Hamlets website. Please ensure you are familiar with the booklet, circulate it to colleagues and distribute copies to residents.

Visit the welfare reform page for more information. 

Organisations can order hard copies at 40p each, with a minimum order of 50 copies, by contacting:

News from Tower Hamlets Community Advice Network (THCAN)

The Island Advice Centre (IAC) was selected by THCAN steering group as the lead agency. The project is called the ‘Tower Hamlets Advice Support Project’  and covers a number of streams including supporting agencies to develop their capacity and skills, support for residents with accessing on line services and the development of  self help information sheets, referral systems and THCAN website.  

Eight new or increased capacity sessions will be available in early 2014 including help with form filling. Promotion and information about the sessions will be available at the beginning of January. Once all fully operational, IAC will also have law students wanting to do voluntary work placements. If interested please email details of what you want them to do, what days/times and will forward your details to the volunteers.

The project also looking into improving  referrals system in borough, please complete and return the attached questionnaire about current referrals problems Contact for more information.

Bromley by Bow Centre and Limehouse project are also  piloting  a one day a week support session for residents  making online benefit claims and job search as part of the project .

The requirement from DWP  that JSA claimants need to demonstrate  that they are applying for jobs on line  means  that further work to support residents access on line services will also be taken forward with housing providers,community groups and the council.

Financially Inclusive Tower Hamlets (FITH)

Financially Inclusive Tower Hamlets (FITH) is a partnership for agencies in Tower Hamlets who are interested in financial inclusion. FITH was established in 2010 and is making steady progress to transform Tower Hamlets to become a financially inclusive borough, in which residents can access appropriate financial and money advice services, have the confidence and skills to manage their money and where the organisations that they interface with have systems and practices that support residents' financial inclusion. FITH members come from a wide range of organisations including Housing Providers, Voluntary Sector and Faith Groups, Financial Services providers, Education providers, Children and Family Services and Employment Support organisations who have an interest in supporting the development of financial inclusion throughout the borough.

They also understand and take seriously that how they design and deliver their services can impact on their users' financial health, and work towards ensuring that this impact is as positive as possible by identifying and improving policy and practice. In this way partners are helping create a more financially healthy environment which makes money management and decisions easier and better for local residents.



We recently held an event for Welfare Reform champions, which covered topics such as the Claimant Commitment and Crisis and Support Grants. This workshop was supported by colleagues from Job Centre Plus who ran a useful question and answer session. Feedback from the event suggested that colleagues would like more information around housing and training for people returning to work. We are currently in the process of organising the next Welfare Reform Champions meeting, and welcome your suggestions for agenda items.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending.


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