Personal Independence Payment

Personal Independence Payment is to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) was for people aged between 16 and 64 who had personal care and/or mobility needs as a result of a mental or physical disability.

From April 2013, the government introduced a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment to replace DLA. Those in receipt of PIP will be exempt from the cap on benefits. Please note that children up to 16 will still claim Disability Living Allowance.


New regulations were published in October 2013 introducing a more gradual start to the transfer of disability living allowance (DLA) claimants to personal independence payment (PIP). Much like Universal Credit, PIP assessments are now not likely to take place in Tower Hamlets before June 2015. 

Visit the Disability Rights website for more information on the delays in processing new Personal Independence (PIP) claims.

Further information and support

You can download a copy of the quick PIP guide and residents can obtain local support by contacting Real.

The DWP have published a PIP toolkit to provide information to individuals and organisations that support PIP and DLA claimants. It includes 'the claimant journey' that  provides a useful summary of the claims process for clients.

Employment Support Allowance

From April 2008, new claimants for Incapacity Benefit who are unable to work because of ill health have been given Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). From April 2011 to 2014, all existing claimants will be required to attend a Work Capability Assessment test and will then be migrated to ESA, or moved to alternative benefits.

Further information and support:


Crisis Support Grants

From April 1, 2013 the government abolished Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans. Residents can apply for Crisis Support Grants although funds are very limited. Guidance for staff completing the forms can be found here.

To register for a PIN for crisis and support applications, email ‘PIN request’ to

Budgeting Loans,Short Term Advances and hardship payments (when there is a sanction) are still administered through the Department for Work and Pensions.

Further information and support:

For more information on Budgeting Loans and Short Term Advances, visit


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