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Christmas Support Payment for wet-led pubs (CSP)

On 1 December 2020, the Government announced the introduction of additional support over the festive period for wet-led pubs in areas under Tier 2 or 3 restrictions.

What is a wet-led pub?

The Christmas Support Payment for wet-led pubs (CSP) is aimed at pubs that mostly serve alcohol rather than food.

For the purposes of this grant, a wet-led pub is defined as a pub that gets less than 50 per cent of its income from sales of food. All eligible wet-led pubs will need to apply for this grant. 

Time Period

The CSP grant will be a one off flat-rate payment of £1,000. Wet-led pubs are eligible to apply where Tier 2 or Tier 3 restrictions are in place between 2 and 29 December 2020.

This scheme will close on the 29 December 2020.

All applications need to be submitted by 28 February 2021.

All payments to eligible pubs will be made as soon as possible, but no later than 31 March 2021.


  1. This grant is only open to wet-led pubs, which are defined as pubs that get less than 50% of its income from sales of food.
  2. For the purposes of this grant, a pub should under normal circumstances (without local or national restrictions) be described as: open to the general public, allow free entry other than when occasional entertainment is provided, allow drinking without requiring food to be consumed and permit drinks to be purchased at a bar.
  3. Your business must have been registered for business rates liability with London Borough of Tower Hamlets on the 1 December 2020.
  4. The wet-led pub will need to have been trading on 30 November 2020. As this date fell within the second national lockdown period the business will need to have been actively trading from the premises on the 4 November 2020.
  5. Businesses that are in receipt of other Local Restriction Support Grants are eligible for this grant payment

Businesses that do not qualify

  • Pubs that get over 50% of their income from food sales will not be eligible to receive funding through this grant scheme.
  • For the purposes of this grant, the definition of a pub excludes: restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, hotels, snack bars, guesthouses, boarding houses, sporting venues, music venues, festival sites, theatres, museums, exhibition halls, cinemas, concert halls and casinos. The proposed exclusions in the list are not intended to be exhaustive and we will determine those cases where eligibility is unclear having received evidence from any individual business.
  • Businesses which have already received grant payments that equal the maximum levels of State aid permitted under the de minimis and the Covid-19 Temporary State Aid Framework.
  • businesses that are in administration, insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made, are not eligible for funding under this scheme.


Wet-led pubs applying for the Christmas Support Payment (CSP) will be required to make a statement that confirms their eligibility. The council places responsibility on the applicant to agree that their statement is correct to the best of their knowledge. You will need to submit:

  • copies of most recent bank statements must show the name which match your business rates account name and will be the account to which the grant will be paid. These will need to be attached to your email as part of this process so please ensure you have digital versions available to upload.
  • evidence to support your statement of eligibility that the wet-led pub derives less than 50% of its income from sales of food. This evidence will need to be provided in the form of a set of accounts for the property with a separate breakdown of the sales of food, beverages, and any other income. These accounts should be dated no later than 11 March 2020 (covering a period when trade was not affected by Covid-19). Businesses established after 11 March 2020 and before 1 December 2020 will still be eligible for this grant and will need to provide accounts for the month of October 2020.


To apply, please send us

  • the completed Wet-Led application form,
  • copy of bank statement and
  • evidence to support your statement of eligibility.

Email: wet-ledpubs@towerhamlets.gov.uk