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Creative & Cultural Futures Project

The Creative & Cultural Futures Project (CCF Project) is a response to the data and feedback gained from projects and interactions with the Tower Hamlets business community.

This information has helped identify freelancers and owners of microbusinesses in the cultural and creative sectors. This is a group in need of focused attention and support due to the effects of Covid restrictions.

This is a sector that didn't benefit from the support offered by the government, local authorities and other public bodies as a response to the economic effect of Covid-19. This has left them struggling to survive let alone move towards sustainable growth.

Following on from the successful council initiative The Pivot Project, the CCF Project will provide the same specialist support to a minimum of 60 cultural and creative practitioners. The Pivot Project is designed to support local enterprises in adjusting their business activities in response to Covid-19.

Those who benefit can get up to a value of £1000 in making the required changes to their existing operations. The aim is to generate an income via new methods or identify avenues for alternative or additional revenue streams.


The eligibility criteria are:

  • The business location must be in Tower Hamlets with respect to the business trading address.
  • Beneficiaries will need to show that they are working as a Creative and Cultural freelancer (in a capacity other than as an employee) before March 2021. They have to be based in the borough and in one or more of the cultural and creative sectors. They also need to ensure that such work:
    • is in substance their sole occupation; and
    • has been carried on for at least six months before their application.

Support under the CCF Project must not mean that any state aid regulations in force at any relevant time with respect to the beneficiary or the beneficiary’s business is thereby infringed.

Funding will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis from the date of an application and will cover support for at least 60 selected applicants who meet the criteria.

If you would like to find out more about this initiative, please complete the application form.