Registering for the sale of poisons

A business must be registered with the local authority to sell poisons which are included in Part II of the poisons list and must be on that authority’s list of people entitled to sell poisons.

The retailing of poisons is controlled by the Poisons Act 1972. The Poisons List Order 1982 contains a list of poisons covered by the Poisons Act. Part I of this list contains poisons that may only be sold by a registered pharmacist. Part II of the list contains the poisons which cannot be sold unless you are registered to do so with your local authority.

How to register

To sell poisons listed in Part II of the poisons list, you must pay an application fee at the time the application is made.

Cheques to be made payable to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Online payments can be made on the payment page. You can a make payment by telephone on 020 7364 5008.

The names of people entitled to sell these poisons will be removed from the list on 30 April each year unless an application to retain the name on the list has been received.

Copies of the Poisons Act 1972 and other legislation mentioned above can be purchased from the Office of Public Sector Information, or a copy can be inspected at the council offices, where you may also obtain an application form and further help or advice.

Alternatively, download a copy of the application form.