Under the provisions of the Explosive Regulations 2014 a licence is required to store fireworks in any premises. Tower Hamlets (often jointly with local fire services) inspect premises to ensure that safety conditions are met prior to issuing a licence.

Applicants may request licences for longer periods up to 5 years, however the council may refuse extended licences. You can download the application form and fees.

Note: fireworks may only be sold from 15 October to 10 November, 26 to 31 December, 3 days before Diwali and Chinese New Year unless the trader has a separate licence from Tower Hamlets.

Firework regulations

Tower Hamlets Trading Standards investigates all fireworks related problems, including sales of fireworks to under-aged people, the sale of dangerous explosives and the unsafe storage of fireworks.

Suppliers and retailers of fireworks must be registered with Tower Hamlets and suppliers of fireworks outside the recognised fireworks season – which is about three weeks each year – must have a licence from the Tower Hamlets Licensing Section.

Additionally, wholesalers must provide Tower Hamlets Licensing with information about large sales of fireworks.

Further information

You can download the legislation and get advice from HSE. You will be contacted in writing on receipt of the application form and a site visit arranged.