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London Borough of Tower Hamlets spends £400m annually with suppliers and providers of all sizes to help deliver essential services to more than 240,000 residents.

In this section, you can find current contract opportunities and details of where we publish details of our contracts.

You can learn about the council's e-Procurement systems, notably the Requisition to Pay system, which is used to exchange purchase orders and invoices between the council and its suppliers. We use a separate system to exchange pre-tender and tender documents between the council and suppliers, this is known as e-tendering.

The procurement team provide guidance and support to council officers and challenges procurement operations across the council to promote fair and open procurement procedures and reflect the councils strategic objectives. Procedures are in place to ensure the council achieves value for money in all its purchases and that they reflect the council's strategic aims.

  • Tender opportunities – contracts for work to be undertaken on our  behalf  that are currently available for tender, or are coming up for tender.
  • Requisition to Pay (R2P) – also e-procurement but R2P focuses on the exchange of purchase orders and invoices between us and suppliers.

General terms and conditions for the supply of goods, services and works.

Please read our general terms and conditions, which operate in their entirety with contracts made between the council and a contractor for the supply of goods and services.

Bronze award

Timber pledge

In 2011, the council achieved the bronze timber pledge from WWF, the world’s leading conservation body.

  • The bronze pledge means that we are operate a policy of buying sustainable and legal forest products, such as paper and timber.
  • We attended a CPET workshop on responsible procurement of forest products, and the importance of valuing forest resources. Interested local suppliers were also invited to attend the training workshop.
  • We have trained our procurement and other key staff on the purchasing of legal and sustainable responsible timber products.

Our standards and commitment to you

The supply chain code of conduct highlights the main social value principles and practices that we expected from our suppliers when dealing with the council.

The code forms part of our initial tender assessment procedure and compliance with the code is mandatory for all external providers. The code applies to the private and voluntary sector, including grant funded organisations.

Read supply chain code of conduct to find out how to comply.

The Community's Right to challenge to take over council services

Under the Localism Act 2011, community and voluntary bodies parish councils charitable trusts and two or more local authority employees have a right to challenge how the council delivers their services and they are permitted to submit an Expression of Interest to take over the provision  of a council service.  Expressions of Interest may be submitted for most services however there are exceptions and these exceptions are currently services provided in partnership with NHS bodies or by an NHS body on behalf of the council; services provided to named persons with complex individual health or social care needs; and services which relate to the exercise of statutory powers e.g. the determination of a planning application.

To assist in the submission of an Expression of Interest we provide information and guidance below.


If you wish to submit an Expression of Interest you must do so during those periods that the council has organised to receive them .The opportunities  to submit an Expression of Interest for a relevant service will be for the current year the months of September and  October. For future years, until further notice, it will be the months of April, May and June. This is to ensure that they can be taken into account in the Council’s budget setting process for the following year and to allow sufficient time for any procurement exercise to be undertaken. Expressions of Interest are to be submitted to the procurement@towerhamlets.gov.uk Please note this email address is being used as a temporary measure and is likely to change soon.

The council will acknowledge receipt of an Expression of Interest within one month of submission and will indicate the timescale for making a decision. The intention will be to give a decision within three months of the receipt of the Expression of Interest and if this is to be longer this will be indicated in writing.

Any Expression of Interest received outside these time parameters will not be opened or acknowledged by the council.

What you should include

In the Expression of Interest the council will be looking for clarity on:

  •  who has expressed the interest  and who is proposing to deliver the service;
  •  information about the financial resources of the organisation that is to take over the council service and/or any organisation which is to partner with them in the delivery of the service ;
  • evidence that the organisation will be capable of delivering  the service by the time of any procurement exercise;
  • identification of the service to be considered and the geographical area that the service affects;
  • the outcomes that are to be achieved ; and
  • how the service will improve the social economic or environmental well-being of Tower Hamlets and
  • how the service will meet the needs of service users
  • where the proposal is from 2 or more employees how they propose to engage other employees who are affected by the expression of interest.

Acceptance and rejection of an Expression of Interest

An Expression of Interest may be rejected:

  • if it does not meet the requirements of the service, or is outside the regulations that the council must comply with;
  • if the information presented is inaccurate or is inadequate to be fully considered;
  • is not suitable to provide the service e.g. doesn’t have the necessary qualifications or past conduct;
  • because the Council has already formally decided that the service is not to be continued;
  • falls outside of the Localism Act because it is an exempt service;
  • the service is already the subject of a procurement exercise;
  • negotiations  in writing are underway for the service
  • the council has already published its intention to consider the provision of the service by a body to be set up by two or more employees
  • the Expression of Interest is frivolous or vexatious; or
  • would lead to a breach of the law, or statutory duty

When an Expression of Interest has been considered and it has been found that the right has been upheld the council will write to the person to confirm its decision and describe the next steps that are to be taken to perform a procurement exercise. Where the Council has an existing contract then the appropriate time to consider an expression of interest would be in the relevant year that the decision to reprocure is to be taken.

Where the council has procured or is to jointly procure services with another authority it will designate a lead authority to deal with expressions of interest.

Procurement exercise by the council

When an Expression of Interest has been considered and it has been found that the right has been upheld then the council will undertake a procurement exercise for the service identified in the Expression of Interest.

The council will manage the procurement exercise within existing procurement law and the council’s procurement procedures reflecting the value and complexity of the service to be procured.

Contact procurement

For information or assistance relating to the purchase or tender of goods and services by the council please contact the Procurement Office.

Email: procurement@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Tel: 020 7364 4099

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