How to get involved

We support a number of forums which enable local people to have an impact upon council policies and services in our work around equalities and diversity. These include the Tower Hamlets LGBT Community Forum, LGBT Practitioners Network Forum, Local Voices and Welcome to Tower Hamlets.

Local Voices

Understanding the needs and wishes of people in Tower Hamlets is crucial to delivering the overarching objective of our Community Plan, to improve the quality of life for everyone living and working in the borough. Underpinning our approach to delivering this objective is a commitment to build ‘One Tower Hamlets’ – a place where people from all backgrounds are able to have their voice heard and share equal life chances.

In recognition of the shortcomings of existing structures for hearing the voice of disabled people in the borough, the council in 2012 commissioned Real Tower Hamlets to undertake a piece of research to hear directly from disabled people on the issues they face in playing an active part in the life of the borough and realising opportunities. This research resulted in the production of a significant report which is available on the equalities project page. We are keen to hear the views of all disabled people and are committed to involve as many people as possible. If you’re interested in being involved in Local Voices, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact CorporateStrategy&

Tower Hamlets Interfaith Forum (THIFF)

The Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum provides a great opportunity to celebrate the significant contribution that faith organisations have in the lives of people in Tower Hamlets, and provides a space to identify how faith organisations can play an even bigger role in the future success of all communities who live and work here.

One of the most important roles of the Inter Faith Forum is to facilitate better communication and understanding between the different faiths in Tower Hamlets. In the current international climate, this role is a vital one.

The Inter Faith Forum has set itself an ambitious agenda and to achieve this is working closely with a large number of faith leaders representing the broad range of faiths in the borough, the council, the police and local umbrella and network bodies.

For further information visit the THIFF website.

Tower Hamlets LGBT Community Forum

The council supports the LGBT Community Forum, which brings together LGBT+ people who live, work, study or socialise in the borough. The forum is coordinated by ELOP and provides a safe space to discuss issues that affect the local and national LGBT community, and meet other local LGBT people for both networking and socialising. Meetings take place every second week of the month on either Monday or Wednesday at Positive East.

Also coordinated by ELOP is the LGBT+ Practitioners forum. If you are an organisation working with or supporting LGBT residents in Tower Hamlets and want to join this forum please email

TOWER Pride is the council’s LGBTQIA+ forum for staff and allies with representatives attending quarterly LGBT+ Practitioner Forum meetings.

A full list of LGBT services and organisations can be found on the CVS website.

Welcome to Tower Hamlets

Support for new residents and refugees

The council runs a series of programmes to support the integration of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers into the borough.  These include the following: