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Liveable Streets

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Liveable Streets

We all know that Tower Hamlets is the best place in London to live. It is a place to be proud of but in too many areas our streets have not kept pace with change. That’s why this year’s budget included substantial new funding for our new Liveable Streets programme to make Tower Hamlets a better place for residents, businesses and visitors.

The Liveable Streets programme aims to improve the look and feel of public spaces in neighbourhoods across the borough and make it easier, safer, and more convenient to get around by foot, bike and public transport. We also want to reduce people making ‘rat runs’ and shortcuts through residential streets to encourage more sustainable journeys and to improve air quality and road safety.

Which areas are included in the programme?

Seventeen areas across the borough have been identified for development. These areas have been chosen as they have not received recent substantial funding and improvements. The areas cover approximately 60 per cent of the borough.

How will the programme be delivered?

The areas for the Liveable Streets programme have been split into phases which will be carried out over a four year programme. Each phase will take approximately 12 months from initiation to the start of construction. Initial feedback on ideas and thoughts will be gathered from businesses, community groups and partners. Design proposals based on this will then be consulted on before construction can begin.

Start dates

Phase one

  • Bow - April 2019 
  • Bethnal Green - April 2019
  • Wapping - April 2019

Phase two

  • Brick Lane - June 2019
  • Barkantine - June 2019
  • Shadwell - January 2020
  • Old Ford Road West - January 2020
  • Mile End West - June 2020
  • East Ferry St Johns - June 2020

Phase three

  • Southern Grove - October 2020
  • Burdett Road South - October 2020
  • Cephas Street Area - May 2021
  • Teviot and Brownfield - May 2021
  • Bethnal Green South - October 2021
  • Whitechapel - October 2021
  • Spindrift and Island Gardens - April 2022
  • Aberfeldy - April 2022

How do I get involved and have my say?

We have a blank piece of paper and want your creative ideas, thoughts and feedback to help shape plans for your area. 

Would a school or play street work? These are where the volume of traffic is restricted near schools or areas where children play. Do you need new greener public spaces? What would encourage you to walk or cycle more? More cycle parking, electric vehicle charging points, trees and plants?

View the map

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Have your say

Get in touch

If you have any further questions regarding the Liveable Streets programme, or would like to email your comments and suggestions to us, please feel free to contact the team directly on Liveablestreets@towerhamlets.gov.uk.