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VCS Infrastructure and Capacity Building Grants fund

The council is now inviting applications from VCS organisations for grants to support projects which focus on building the capacity of local voluntary and community sector organisations. Capacity building could mean programmes of support (for example training and other workforce development activity, volunteer recruitment and support, organisational advice or consultancy) delivered by local infrastructure organisations or support to individual organisations for projects to help them to develop their own capacity. 

In this programme the council is seeking to support activities which have a borough wide impact delivered by organisations with a strong track record of developing the capacity of smaller VCS organisations and community groups. The council is also seeking to support activities which bring VCS organisations together through partnerships, networking and other activities both to share resources and strengthen the collective voice of the sector.

The total budget for this theme is £260,000 per annum. Grants will be awarded initially from 1 October 2019 for two years with an extension of up to 18 months.

The closing date for applications is 17 May, 2019.

Further information


The prospectus document which you can download here describes the programme in more detail, setting out the priorities, outcomes, assessment scores and eligibility criteria.  It also has details of consortium and partnership applications.

Guidance for the completion and submission of the online forms

This document guides you through the process of making an application to the VCS Infrastructure and Capacity Building Grants fund. It also includes details of training you may wish to go on to learn more about the process.

It gives you step by step technical guidance on how to use the on line application portal, getting access to the form, uploading documents and submitting the completed form.

There is guidance for each question as you work your way through the form.  We strongly recommend you have this guidance available when you are completing the application form.

The guidance also tells you which questions are scored in the assessment and which are for information, such as contact details.

You can download this budget template (Excel download) to use with your application also.

Application form

Apply online using the VCS Infrastructure and Capacity Building Application Form .