Community Plan

The Community Plan provides the Tower Hamlets Partnership’s long-term vision for the borough, articulating local aspirations, needs and priorities. It informs all other strategies and delivery plans of the partnership, including the council’s Strategic Plan.

The plan was developed in consultation with local residents and service users, community and voluntary sector organisations, and a range of representative groups and forums, as well as members of the council. It outlines how the partnership will work together to improve the lives of all those who live and work in the borough, and continues the existing focus on tackling poverty and social exclusion in Tower Hamlets, though with a new emphasis on fairness, as suggested by our local Fairness Commission. It also continues to prioritise equality, cohesion and community leadership through the theme of “One Tower Hamlets”.

The Community Plan also incorporates a new set of high level and cross-cutting priorities, which will galvanise and motivate partners to focus their efforts jointly on some of our biggest challenges, with the aim of making a real difference in these areas over the lifetime of the plan. However, it will evolve as the partnership, chaired by the new mayor of Tower Hamlets, develops its plans to achieve its vision for the borough, and reviews other key partnership strategies.

We are in the process of developing plans to implement the new cross-cutting priorities agreed by partners, and these will be published once complete. In the meantime, work to deliver our existing commitments will continue through our Community Plan Delivery Groups.

Download the new Community Plan