Local community ward forums

Local community ward forums (LCWFs) are a key component to the Tower Hamlets Partnership. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to achieve the objectives of the Tower Hamlets Community Plan through key organisations working together to secure the best possible outcomes for local people. The Community Plan is available online.

Local community ward forums are the new, most localised element of the Tower Hamlets Partnership structure and will allow people to raise, discuss and address local service priorities by co-designing solutions with providers and promoting wider resident action. The Community Champion Co-ordinators (CCCs) will play a leading role in the forums by facilitating and promoting these discussions and supporting the development of community-driven action.

See what happened in the 2013/14 round of local community ward forums.

Community Champion Co-ordinators

The CCCs will play a leading and vital role in the delivery of local community ward forums, supporting the creation and growth of local activity by:

  • acting as facilitators, bringing together and promoting discussion between residents and local service providers and schools, etc
  • supporting the development of community-driven solutions, taking into account local concerns
  • supporting the creation of active citizenship within the area through fostering community pride and cohesion
  • nurturing community-led projects by providing a platform for residents' voices.

Please note that CCCs are not a replacement for councillors so will not carry out councillors' functions. Your local ward councillor can be found on the elected representative page.

Community Champion Co-ordinator applications are currently closed. Please email us at communitychampions@towerhamlets.gov.uk if you wish to be contacted when applications reopen.


As part of the LCWFs, there will be a series of three meetings held throughout the year in each ward themed under:

Meeting one:  Priority setting

Meeting two:  Commissioning activities

Meeting three:  Measuring outcomes

Each meeting will be publicised on the ward’s LCWF page (see below) and the first meetings can all be viewed on the flyer.

Local community ward forums

Click on the name of a ward below to find out the details of its LCWF:

Contact us

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Email: communitychampions@towerhamlets.gov.uk