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Primary School Prevent Resources

The SLS Prevent offers a free training courses on Prevent for Schools, Special Schools and Academies.

Please ensure you make yourself familiar with these lessons prior to teaching each unit, and ensure your read the Primary Prevent Resources guidance letter before you start.

Lessons for Primary Schools

These lessons are not designed to tell students what to think, they are simply designed to get them thinking. Please amend the lessons as you see fit. You are encouraged to add/remove slides at your discretion to make the lessons more relevant to your students. Teacher notes can be found in the comments section of the PowerPoint.

  • Know what prejudice and discrimination means
  • Discuss where prejudice still exists 
  • Think about how we can stop discrimination

Only teach lessons you feel comfortable delivering and know will be beneficial to your students.

1. Different types of truth  

2. Prejudice and discrimination 

2a. Extended session on prejudice  

3. Racism  

4. Refugee crisis 

5. Religions  

5a. Religions (more complicated) 

6. Religions and equality  

7. Extended e-safety session

Assemblies for primary schools

Please amend these assemblies as you see fit. You are encouraged to add or remove slides at your discretion to make them more relevant to your students

  • Belief and truth  
  • Democracy   
  • Diversity  
  • Justice

Useful contact

For more information please contact the Prevent  Education Officer:

Jasmin Phillips
Email: jasmin.phillips@towerhamlets.gov.uk