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Secondary School Prevent resources

The SLS Prevent offers FREE training courses on Prevent for Schools, Academies and Colleges.

Please ensure you make yourself familiar with these lessons prior to teaching each unit, and ensure your read the Secondary Prevent Resources guidance letter before you start.

Only teach lessons you feel comfortable delivering and know will be beneficial to your students.

Lessons for Secondary Schools

These resources are intended as a toolkit to help teachers manage some difficult subjects. They will not be enough to ensure your school is dealing with the Prevent agenda. Instead they are designed to complement the good work that already takes place throughout the borough. These are resources that will be continually updated and improved.

These lessons are not designed to tell students what to think, they are simply designed to get them thinking. Please amend the lessons as you see fit. You are encouraged to add/remove slides at your discretion, or use the blank templates in the useful documents section of this page to make the lessons more relevant to your students. Teacher notes can also be found in the comments section of the PowerPoint.

Suggested Secondary School lessons

By the end of these lessons pupils should be able to:

  • Explain how conspiracy theories work
  • Explain how conspiracy theories have similarities to extremist narratives.
  1. Propaganda and conspiracy lesson
  2. Conspiracy theories lesson
  3. Extremism lesson
  4. Extremism lesson (2)
  5. E-safety lesson
  6. Faith & Hate Crime lesson

Additional Secondary School lessons

Pupils are also encouraged "to respect the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs". (The Telegraph 22 July 2014)

  1. British values and state building lesson
  2. Citizenship test tutor session
  3. Democracy tutor session
  4. Faith tutor session
  5. Homophobia lesson
  6. Immigration tutor session
  7. London tutor session
  8. Media and resilience lesson
  9. Prejudice lesson

Assemblies for Secondary Schools

  1. Beliefs
  2. Cyber-bullying and e-safety
  3. Diversity
  4. Extended assembly (1 hour tutorial)
  5. Extended assembly on extremism
  6. Homophobia (assembly 1)
  7. Homophobia (assembly 2)
  8. Isis, Daesh assembly

Lessons for 6th Forms

  1. British values
  2. E-safety
  3. Extremism and the far right
  4. Faith and hate crime
  5. Homophobia
  6. Islamic extremism
  7. Propaganda

Useful documents

You can use the blank lesson templates below if you would like to tailor your sessions to your pupils

 Useful contact

For more information please contact the Prevent  Education Officer:

Thomas Llewellyn-Jones
Email: Thomas.Llewellyn-Jones@towerhamlets.gov.uk