Hazardous chemical (HAZCHEM) incidents

The council provides general information, advice and links on hazardous chemicals and emergency procedures for incidents involving hazardous chemicals.

The London Prepared website provides links to government and non-government sources on a wide variety of emergencies and crises that could affect the UK, plus emergency planning guidance and government information.

The National Chemical Emergency Centre plays a key role in national arrangements for responding to chemical incidents. It provides a 24-hour national advice service to the public emergency services on dealing with chemical incidents and is a central part of the Chemical Industries Associations CHEMSAFE.

Emergency Action Codes (commonly called Hazchem Codes) are designed to assist the emergency services in the first few minutes of dealing with a hazardous goods distribution incident. Further information can be obtained on Emergency Action Codes from the National Chemical Emergency Centre.

For further information on the carriage, storage and transportation of hazardous materials and or the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH Regulations) email the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE can also be contacted by telephone for advice (office hours only) on 020 7556 2100.