Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is all about people looking out for each other. Neighbours working together means that dozens of eyes and ears are ready to pick up on anything that could cause worry or concern. 

It’s not about being nosey or interfering, it’s about being a good neighbour and caring about your community. 

Any community or neighbourhood, however large or small, can set up a Neighbourhood Watch.  A Watch can be made up of just a few houses in a street, a few households, the residents of a square, or a whole estate. Each Watch can be different, with OWL, we can set up CCTV watches, business watches, Church, Hospital, Mosque, Residents Association, School, Synagogue and Shop watches, to name but a few. 

Watch members look out for suspicious or unusual activity and report it to the police. This can help the police solve or prevent a crime happening. The closer the links with the police, the more effective a Watch will be. 

Remember, if you see something that looks suspicious or a life is in danger, dial 999 and let the police check it out. You should not challenge someone behaving suspiciously or put yourself at risk. 

Each Neighbourhood Watch is run by a local coordinator. He or she is chosen by the members of the Watch and acts as a link between them, the local police and council, other watches and community groups. 

If you and your neighbours want to start a Neighbourhood Watch, or to find out if there’s a Watch running in your area, contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team or the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association. The closer the links with the police, the more effective a scheme will be. 

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