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A new approach

As the cuts get deeper, it becomes harder to make savings without changing some services. The additional £58m of savings will mean there will be some tough decisions to take.

We believe that through continued efficiency savings within the council, and a new approach to planning our budget, we can make many of these savings while providing the same or even better outcomes for our residents.

In the past, our budgets have been set on an annual basis. This has resulted in making cuts to services every year in order to plug the holes in our budget.

Mayor John Biggs is proposing a three year budget which focuses on delivering the best outcomes over the longer term by changing the way services are delivered by the council and its partners.

We are already one of the highest spenders in London on services compared to other councils. By taking this approach, and working with you to change services, we can make the most of the money we have.

For example, compared to the 32 other London boroughs, per person Tower Hamlets is:

  • the fourth highest spender on economic development
  • the second highest spender on education
  • the fourth highest spender on youth services
  • the fifth highest spender on public health
  • the fourth highest spender on adult services
  • Tower Hamlets spends on average £14.09 per person on the prevention of social care and early intervention support compared with the London average of £5.05

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