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Brownfield Land Register - Call for Sites

The Brownfield Land Register (BLR)

In April 2017 the government introduced a requirement on Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to prepare, maintain and publish a Brownfield Land Register by 31 December 2017.

A BLR is a list of previously developed sites that are potentially suitable for residential development.

The BLR is to be kept in two parts:

  • Part 1 will be for sites categorised as ‘previously developed land’ which are suitable, available and achievable for residential development
  • Part 2 allows LPAs to select sites from Part 1 and grant permission in principle (PiP) for housing led development.

The BLR will be maintained and reviewed at least once a year to ensure it is kept up to date.

The council is now in the process of identifying sites to inform Part 1 of the BLR. In addition to utilising existing sources of information available, including the most recent Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), landowners and other stakeholders are invited to submit sites which meet the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) definition of previously developed land that they consider have the potential to be used for housing led development.

However, a site’s inclusion on Part 1 of the Register does not confirm that it will be progressed to Part 2 and receive PiP.

Guidance on submitting information

Please fill in the form as much as you can suggesting sites you think London Borough of Tower Hamlets should consider for inclusion on Part 1 of its Brownfield Land Register.

Please be sure to:

  • use a separate form for each site
  • enclose an Ordnance Survey map at scale 1:1250 (or 1:2500 map for larger sites), clearly showing the boundaries of the site
  • submit sites that are ideally 0.25ha or larger, or capable of providing at least 5 dwellings
  • submit sites that are likely to become available for development or redevelopment in the next 15 years

To be considered, sites should meet the definition of previously developed land as set out in the glossary at Annex 2 of the NPPF, which is: 

Land which is or was occupied by a permanent structure, including the curtilage of the developed land (although it should not be assumed that the whole of the curtilage should be developed) and any associated fixed surface infrastructure. 

This excludes: land that is or has been occupied by agricultural or forestry buildings; land that has been developed for minerals extraction or waste disposal by landfill purposes where provision for restoration has been made through development control procedures; land in built-up areas such as private residential gardens, parks, recreation grounds and allotments; and land that was previously-developed but where the remains of the permanent structure or fixed surface structure have blended into the landscape in the process of time.

Have your say

Complete the call for sites proposal form


If you have any further queries please contact Planmaking@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

The consultation ends on 30 October.

How we use your personal information

The information you provide will be used by the council to inform the council’s Brownfield Land Register.

Information will be shared with other council employees or agencies who may be involved with the process. Additionally, your personal details may be shared with other London Borough of Tower Hamlets departments and partner organisations to ensure our records are kept accurate and to keep you informed of other consultations.

Please note that the council is required to make information about potential sites and ownership available as part of the Brownfield Land Register.