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A new SEND strategy for Tower Hamlets


This survey is to collect responses to the consultation about  a new strategy for the education and care of children and young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Tower Hamlets from (2018 – 2023), that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ and Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group are drafting together .

Many children and young people with SEND, along with their families, rely on support from schools, the council, the NHS and voluntary organisations.

We spend around £50 million a year in Tower Hamlets across these various agencies and services for children and young people with SEND. We already know that we can coordinate these better and the strategy will explain how we can achieve this. The strategy sets out plans to organise both services and budgets so that children and young people with SEND do even better in the future.

The draft strategy sets out a vision for us all to sign up to, so that children and young people with SEND can lead fulfilling lives. This would be supported by a new SEND Charter where organisations show their commitment to the vision and aims of the strategy.

The draft strategy also sets out five priority areas and new partnership groups which will ensure that the Strategy is put into action. The five priorities are:

  1. Leading SEND
  2. Timely identification and assessment
  3. Better outcomes and pathways
  4. Clear information and involvement
  5. Moving on

The draft strategy has been written after we have looked at our local statistics and, earlier this year, talked to hundreds of people, include children and young people with SEND and their parents/carers.

We now want to give local residents, parents / carers and those working with children with SEND a chance to look at our proposals for the next five years.

Please read the draft SEND Strategy and the summary version and respond to the consultation survey.

Does the strategy deal with the challenges in Tower Hamlets? Will the priorities result in children and young people being supported to learn, thrive and achieve?