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Charging for community adult social care services

This consultation has now closed


What is this consultation about?

We have had to make the decision to charge for some of our adult social care services that are free at the moment. We asked people for their views on this last year before we made the decision. We are now asking you about how we should bring this change in so that we can make it as fair as possible and particularly protect people on lower incomes.

Why is the council doing this?

The amount of money that the council is being given by the Government is going down every year.  Also, the number of people needing our support is increasing. This means services are under pressure and we have less money to spend on social care.

We need to make sure that we can still pay for support for people that need it. So, from next year, we will ask people that can afford it to pay something towards the cost of their care.  Most councils already do this. Tower Hamlets is one of only two in England that do not currently charge for care services that people get to help them remain independent in the community.

The law says we have to work out how much people can pay towards their care by deciding if they can afford it. The council is thinking about how it might make this decision.

We need to make sure that nobody is asked to pay if they cannot afford to. The Mayor particularly wants to protect people on lower incomes so we are looking at ways we can do this.

We also want to make sure that nobody is put off coming to us for help because they might be asked to pay towards their care.

When we look at what people can afford to pay,we will also check if there are benefits that people are eligible for, to make sure everyone is getting all the income they are entitled to, to help pay for care and other costs.

What are the proposals?

First proposal

There are some housing costs that will be taken off your income. We would like to know as part of our consultation whether there are other housing related costs that you think we should take off your income and protect from charges.

Second proposal

As the council wants to make sure everybody is left with enough money to live on after any charges, we are thinking about:

  • Increasing the minimum amount of income we believe you need to live on so there is one basic rate for everyone under pension age. This would increase the basic amount for all single people under pension age to a minimum of £151.45 per week. The basic rates that the government sets are currently £72.40 for under 25 year olds and £91.40 for over 25s.

You can read more about the housing cost and minimum income by finding out what we take into account when calculating if you have to pay.

We would like to get your views on both proposals outlined in this consultation. Please read the information on the following pages before completing the survey.

Visit the press release about this consultation.


  • Your thoughts on charging for adult social care
  • Please tell us if you, or the person on whose behalf you are completing this survey receives any of the following services from the council (please select as many as apply)