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Children's health and wellbeing

This consultation has ended

We believe that maintaining an efficient and more streamlined service will enable health visitors and schools to focus more strongly on healthy child weight management as part of everyday practice. 

Clinical evidence, such as the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence, (NICE)  guidance on obesity prevention tells us that maintaining a healthy weight in children requires assessing the whole school environment and ensuring that the ethos of all school policies helps children and young people maintain a healthy weight. 

To do this, we are proposing to combine some of our services.

By ending our Child Weight Management service and investing additional funding in our health visiting and school nursing service our  health visitors and school nurses will be able to provide additional healthy diet and weight advice to children.

We are also working more closely with head teachers and staff to improve communication about children`s health to parents and within schools.

This includes delivering training to school nurses and school staff on healthy weight and nutrition.

The proposed changes will result in a Health Visiting and School Health and Wellbeing service that will help drive forward the population health improvement that is required with a strong focus on healthy weight.

Building on the existing “care pathway” from the national child measurement programme that weighs children ages 5 and 10-11, we will place a greater focus on family involvement.